Ahmed saud: Surah 85 (Al-Buruj) – 114 (An-Nas)

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You can download or listen these recitations from/on http://www.assabile.com/Saudi-Arabia/ahmed-saoud/ahmed-saoud-55.htm http://www.mp3quran.net/eng/saud_eng…


mohamed mukhtar says:

very very good so beautiful voice and it touches all of our hearts, mashaallah

hajar chnika says:

Macha allah 

saeedaksoy says:


kwonleadah88 says:

MasyaAllah his voice’s so beautiful :’))

nurul mutmainnah says:


Mohammed Tariq says:


boche ulath says:


like this

Noushad Pallikkara says:

Mashah Allah, beautifual recitation.

brotherabbas says:

Wa alaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
You’re right, the brother who recited surah yasin is Hasan bin Abdullah al awadh, but this one is Ahmed Saoud. See the link in the description for more info!
btw, i just uploaded the complete Album of Hasan, so check it out too

Eid Mubarak :-)

IloveFajr says:

Salam Alaikum..
i think this is Hasan bin Abdullah..not Ahmad Saud..
there is a short video of this is the young boy reciting surah Yaseen..
this one’s voice is very distinct…
Ahmad Saud is just as good..but the voice and recitation are different
if you check my videos under “child recitation” you will find Hasan reciting surah Yasees..
listen to his voice…

wawan nikone says:

subhanallah mantappp getarrr oyyyyy hatiii…. suaranya dahsyatttt

wawan nikone says:

subhanallah mantappp getarrr oyyyyy hatiii…. soaranya dahsyatttt

brotherabbas says:

Salamu alaikum

You can search video’s on youtube but if you’d like to download the surah’s in mp3 , see video description (for download link). feel free to download this video and share it!

Wa salaam

Your brother in Islam :-)

toupzYas says:

Alhamdullilah! I love his voice :) please where can i get all his video?

โหย คิดบ้างดิ says:

mash’allah <3 ^_^ ชอบๆ

thauviel90 says:


2726999 says:

MASHALLAH. So beautifull touches your heart.

safia nur says:

mash allah

safia nur says:

wow i love this voice mash-allah

JxzhR says:


JxzhR says:

mash’allah <3

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