Surah Yasin by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais (complete surah)

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Bismi Llahi Rrahmani Rraheim IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST GRACIOUS THE MOST MERCIFUL. Asalaam Alaykoum Wa RahmatouLlah Wa Barakatouh All praise is due to th…


Mohammed Hussain says:

Am goin to cry

Toobrunette09 says:


hassinakahil says:

PO OP okjj kink it ojk kookloo OP put plum hi

Alayna Khan says:

Love his voice mashallah

Mustafa Stanikzay says:


Mia Melya says:

masya Allah Allahu akbar

Toobrunette09 says:

Helped me love reciting Quran! Sudais may Allah grant u Jannah!! Mashallah!

Musulmana Islam says:

mashaallah me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

gouri jivan says:

i love the voice of Abdul Rahman Sudais

sayed tanha says:


sayed tanha says:

i love you islam

Красимир Иванов says:

Joh 3:16-18 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

TheCargeek123 says:

160 people think they can read better than that

WAQZ08 says:

Mashallah!!! :)

danish khan says:

i love this surah

ennycutte85 says:

Masa,,allah  nice

ines909090 says:

so nice voice!

MOoNaaa08 says:

I love Allah

jays izmir says:

Just Amazing

Kyhashmi says:


Mohammad Arif says:

very nice 

Mohammad Arif says:

magic voic

Kay See says:

Ya Allah grant us all Hidayah & bless all those who have strived to make things better Your sake….Ya Allah protect us from the accursed Shaitan and from the evils and afflictions of this world . Ya Allah, save us from the punishment in the grave & from the blazing fire of Hell. Ya Allah bless us all with Jannah

Rabbana wali walidayya wa lil mu’mineena yawma yaqumul hisaab. Subhana rabbika rabbil ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon was-salaamun alal mursaleen wal-hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen.


Kay See says:

As Roccke Fella rightly said, no-one can revert u, but Allah. U shud really ubderstand the fact that what u sed was really very wrong. And as a Muslim, it is my duty to at least try to condemn all wrong & to enjoin in good. Im sorry if u dont like what i said, but all i know is that i have done what my Lord has commanded me to do…i have tried my best. Its now up to u to decide whether u will take into account what i hav said. I hope u get the message.

Kay See says:

@rosemeya48 Plz keep in mind that while u may not believe in a God or whateva, others DO. U shud respect this fact. Now whether u think that our beliefs are false or true etc is up to u… No-one can change that. But u shudnt write/post something that u KNOW will upset people of other religions. Choose ur words carefully, coz u never know, they may b ur last.

Kay See says:

@rosemeya48 im sorry, but if you dont hav anything good to say, dont say anything at all. Yeah u hav freedom of speech, but that gives u absolutely no right to insult our religion. Lemme tell ya sumthing; There is a HELLUVA lot of things i could say to u right now for saying these things…but as a good muslim, i wont. This has gone on long enough, n posting what i feel towards ur comments will only make things worse. Plz remember this my fellow Muslim.brothers & sisters before ualso say sumthin

Roccke Fella says:

Dear Islam is the religion of peace. And yes Islam does make you a better person, Islam does make you pious. Its not people who can make you believe in Islam, Islam is just a gift from ALLAH. No one can revert you towards Islam, but ALLAH. I believe that what image of Islam you have in your mind, is just this Jewish media showed you.

May ALLAH show the path of followers

Husna Abassi says:

allah akbar i love the surrah and his voice

seharhussain786 says:

Also many other religions hv converted to Islam and as uv mentioned science, science has been proven wrong many times. Lets take something simple whether predictions are there always correct do people or man change the weather? What about what happens in ur lyf? Allah does exist but plz may I kindly request tht nothing bad is said about our religion or faith as it wouldn’t feel wright us saying bad things about ur religion Islam teaches to respect others and their religion kind regards and humbl

seharhussain786 says:

Ok let me begin first from starting that we are not here to argue, and waste time, and rosemary please stop saying bad things about our religion and if you don’t mind me asking what religion are you? As you defending yourself will not make us believe what you say, we are Muslims and since u like the truth plz let me jus state tht Islam is the truth and it does not matter dear tht u Dnt believe we are not forcing you to believe but plz stop this argument what good will it do you?

Faiz Zakaria says:

Could you all just listen to this surah instead of arguing about Islam and cursing around ? Yes , there is a muslim who say bad words because no one is perfect . But using that to say bad thing about Islam is wrong in so many ways . Muslim is a human so we are not perfect . And Islam is perfect . Plus , if you hate Islam then why you come here ? I mean like , you search for this surah only to bash us ? And for my Muslim brothers , please stop cursing as Islam never teach us to do so …

Mimar Cihat says:


osman ali says:

oi rosemaya and go critisise ur own religion how can somebody hate this recitation if ask christian to come and hear this they would like this ur just a fukin jew

xxpakigy4lxx says:

Thanks to god were here because of allah and allah (god) is one and we love him

Neyah flores says:

thanks God!

shamsudin hussein says:

Btw rosemaya wat ever your name y do u insult other relegions do u feed off of our anger or is this just who u are. when i see those words…. I feel so sad i wish god changes ur ways rosemaya but i can only hope… I have seen u disrespect islam for weeks now Please just leave us alone what did we ever do to u anyways…

shamsudin hussein says:

My brothers I am only 12 & I know that we shouldn’t waste our time on the dibelievers they will burn in the fire of hell anyways just listen to this amazing recitation…

WarriorRia says:

@ rosemaya48
Yeah, I fear Allah. You don’t have to. You don’t have to believe anything I say. Nor do I have to believe anything you say. Do you see the equality here?

WarriorRia says:

@rosemay48 Seriously? Are you forever going to keep insulting? You say that you are a believer of truth, yet the way you criticize Islam is as if you are perhaps a Christian or a Jew. Your not convinced of Islam and its beliefs. Okay. So what?And one thing I agree with you, rosemay48, is that there is unnecessary cursing here from fellow Muslims. When Muslims are attacked in any way, we don’t use force back because Allah will take “care” of them (Unless its a war-jihaad-which this is NOT).

Rozzay abdi says:

thank you anwarul haque for telling him the truth

adediran luqman adewale says:

this guy call himself rosemaya40 is nothing but a fool and confused man that know nothing about religion of Islam and try to proof as if he/she knows. Never argue with a fool like him because he will drag you to his level of ignorance and beat you with his highest level of foolishness. Any way let pray to Allah to show him the way that there is no paradise if he/she didnt accept Allah and his Noble prophet muhammad( saw). We can see he is suffering from Non-bizarre delusion.

kat simmons says:

With your mindless arguments, you seem to me to be one of those people who believe everything they see and hear in media, too narrow-minded to accept any other views or opinions, blinded by what society says. You might think your ‘free’ and have ‘freedom of expression’, but all these pathetic comments you have posted do not come from your mind, but from a society who dictate to you ‘What’/’How’you should think about muslims by spreading all this negativity, and lies about us in their media.

kat simmons says:

wow, so a woman writes on her ”topless chest” ; My body belongs to me” and you think that’s freedom?- it’s a lack of self-respect to be honest to be showing herself topless for the world to see. Yes her body belongs to her, just like my body belongs to me. But it is not for that reason that i will flaunt it, because i have respect for myself and for my body. Please educate yourself before you speak.

javgul786 says:

And wen earth quakes rip the ground apart and eats the people with out havin a pitty if it is a child or adult. If it is a mother, father, daugter, son, child,wife,husband of someone.
Y has ur technologhy not reached to that level of stopping these desasters to happen and save all those lives.
Because ur so called sience technologhy is not that advanced yet to change someones time of death

javgul786 says:

Masha- allah, so yes sience can take a 3d colour scan of ur unborn child. It can also tell of it is a m/f and also if it has any defects. But has sience reached to a level wer it can tell the fate of the child ?, or if it will be good or bad or how long its life span b in the world….
Sorry to say but ur sience has not got that advanced yet.

M Sadiq khan says:

i like muslim

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